5 Tips To Make Your Home Perfectly Equipped To Tackle Monsoon

Monsoon is around and finally we have taken refuge under its downpour to relieve us from the scorching heat of summer. Not to mention the climate change, which has not been helpful at all. So finally we get to take in; that rustic earthen petrichor, or the scent after it rains. What a joyful experience! But, like every season, it comes with its own set of challenges. You struggle to keep your house and everything in it fresh.

There are a few simple things that you can do to enjoy this season without worrying about smelly indoors.

  1. Let the air flow

    The moist air in monsoon can be a real problem, if your house is not properly designed or ventilated. In such a case, you should invest in a dehumidifier and make it a point to open all the windows on sunny days.

    The Pramukh Group takes great care during the design and planning process to construct weatherproof homes. They are designed for natural light and ventilation.

  2. Use light and synthetic blend fabric

    Light fabrics or fabrics with synthetic blend do not absorb moisture easily and remain fresh. In fact, put camphor balls up in clothes to prevent them from absorbing moisture. If you have a carpet; roll it up, cover it with polythene and put camphor balls inside. It is also advisable to put light-coloured linen in your home for a fresh look and lively mood.

  3. Care for your plants and garden


    Monsoon is the ideal breeding season for different insects. Keep your plants under perforated sheets, trim them, spray pesticides regularly and remove stagnant water from your garden pots.

    In Pramukh Group’s residential properties you’ll notice well-maintained gardens, coupled with an ideal drainage system for a clean and hygienic environment.

  4. Cover expensive silverware

    If you love your silverware, you should cover them properly with cotton and keep them in airtight containers, put silica gel bags (desiccant material) if it’s not an airtight container. Moisture and air wreaks havoc on your silverware by slow oxidation.

  5. Clean your house daily

    This is a no brainer. Of course, you don’t need monsoon to clean your house, but during monsoon you must ensure that it is done daily, to remove any trace of excess moisture on your furniture. Use anti-bacterial liquid for cleaning floors, tiles and sinks.

    A lot of problems during monsoons arise due to questionable construction quality and lack of thorough inspection. This leads to trapping of moisture in the walls, which later wreaks havoc in your home. Instead of taking a series of precautions later, you can easily remedy this problem by living in a Pramukh Group Home. Excellence in the complete construction process, right from the design layout to the final quality check makes them robust and weatherproof. Enjoy the rain like it’s meant to be enjoyed in Pramukh.

    Happy Monsoon!!

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