A New Step Towards The Better Infrastructure

You must have watched Mohen Jo Daro & read books about the infrastructure of the 19th century or before that as well. All the movies & books describe an infrastructure near to perfection. Well, all of those stories are inspired by real-life itself. People used to live in most flawless structures of abodes, that is why their lifestyle was smooth & peaceful.

This is a scene before World War-ll, after that, the situation changed. The architects started taking a different approach towards creating properties which majorly bent towards the Modern style of architecture, the one we witness in present. But we all realize that the earlier infrastructure was better, right? It definitely was.

The term “New Urbanism” defines the same and a lot of new architects are taking this approach. An approach similar to these flawless structures in the 21st century. But how do you define a “New Urbanism” structure? They have some characteristics & the following are a few of them, let’s take a look.

Easy Connectivity:
The inter-connected streets make it easier for pedestrians to walk around the city and break the chances of heavy traffic.

Diverse People & Jobs
People from different cultures live in one place & opportunities for various businesses and jobs lie under a single roof.

Easy Walkability
Every amenity is settled within 10-20 minutes of walking from the house.

Various Housing
Houses of various sizes, prices & amenities are constructed within proximity for the convenience of people from every class.

Higher Quality of Life
When the infrastructure & lifestyle is near perfect, the quality of life will increase. It will be more peaceful, happier & convenient.

When everyone’s needs will be within walking distance, people won’t use transportation & which would ultimately lead to a sustainable life.

Pramukh Group always aims to provide the best to their customers and believes in catering to each & every class according to their needs. If you are in the search of a comfy & peaceful home, Pramukh Group is the place for you.

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