Fractional Ownership – Gaining Momentum in India

What is Fractional Ownership? Fractional Ownership is an investment mechanism that allows people to gain partial stake in high-value commercial properties as part of a collective group. Investment funds are pooled together to create ownership opportunities for multiple parties, with the goal of generating greater returns for all involved. Large commercial properties typically have a […]

Buy Property in Surat

Surat is an Indian city with a remarkable population growth rate, making it one of the busiest and most highly developed in the nation. Its economy is mainly driven by its vibrant textile, diamond polishing, petrochemical, automotive and food processing industries. The industries in Gujarat have enabled the state to become one of India’s most […]

5 Ways to Crack the Real Estate Deal

Creating a home or a commercial space is no longer a conventional real estate development task. There is a lot more than just development that goes inside it. Over the last 8 years, Pramukh Group in Surat has focused on two areas. We started with a fairly new area of Parvat Patiya and after getting […]