Budget 2019

The interim budget by interim finance minister Mr. Piyush Goyal is largely people’s budget and Mr. Goyal and Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendrabhai have made a point that it has something for every stratum of Indian Life. Here is my perspective for the Real Estate Relevance: One of the biggest thought processes that I feel is […]

An Award For Us A Win For You

Accolades have a way to make us feel warm and yet humbled. It is the weight of the responsibility that the world has placed on our shoulders by putting us on a pedestal that makes us want to strive harder to achieve their adoration. So when the 10th Realty Plus Excellence Awards(Gujarat) 2018 by one […]

5 Reasons Why 1 BHK Is The New Millennial Mansion

Times, oh how they’ve changed. From eating habits to lifestyle, everything is in a kind of metamorphosis and those responsible for this change are the Millennials. And when it comes to their real estate buying choices, here too, they are breaking old norms.Millennials have forced the market to come up with new ideas, products that […]

Your Office’s ORBIT Around Prosperity!

Just like Earth’s orbit around the source of light and power – Sun. The lavish workspaces and the strategic location of Orbit-1 revolve around prosperity and success. Standing tall, at the prolific six crossroads junction, this iconic building will gasp your business associates in awe. A grandeur of style and class, The Orbit-1 promises to […]

Why Is It Important To Live In a Green NeighborHood?

Would you even argue that a green space looks essentially more beautiful, alluring and a place worth living? Pick any random individual on this planet and ask him or her their ideal location of retirement or where they wish to live the rest of their lives with leisure and peace. Do you know what will […]

Where Luxury Meets Affordability

Affordable Luxury: A growing segment of Indian Real Estate! Not only in the real estate sector, but also in other fields, affordable luxury has always received a buyer’s attention. A larger portion of the luxury housing segment in India is targeted at the Elite Individuals. The extremely high prices of the lush properties, makes it […]

5 Tips To Make Your Home Perfectly Equipped To Tackle Monsoon

Monsoon is around and finally we have taken refuge under its downpour to relieve us from the scorching heat of summer. Not to mention the climate change, which has not been helpful at all. So finally we get to take in; that rustic earthen petrichor, or the scent after it rains. What a joyful experience! […]

How To Buy A Home In Your Late-Twenties

The Millennial generation is an educated, tech-savvy bunch that typically knows what they want. We have been finding that many twenties in this group have decided that what they want is to buy their first home. As this generation is tech-savvy, thinking that swiping right will make them buy a house isn’t practical at all. […]

Green Is The New Color Of Luxury And Affordability!

When the Minister Of Finance, Mr. Arun Jaitley announced the Budget 2017, he made many breakthrough announcements, specially so for the real estate sector. The major points that he covered are as follows: He proposed that Affordable Housing be given Infrastructure status to smooth the way for higher investments, a major step up in achieving […]

Here Is Why 2017 Will See An Increased Real Estate Investment

2016 saw India’s growing reputation as an attractive investment destination. The global capital flow into Indian real estate in 2016 stood at $5.7 billion. According to an Economic Times article, India is attractive to both global and Indian investors, owing to increased consolidation and transparency and the launch of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that […]