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Surat is an Indian city with a remarkable population growth rate, making it one of the busiest and most highly developed in the nation. Its economy is mainly driven by its vibrant textile, diamond polishing, petrochemical, automotive and food processing industries. The industries in Gujarat have enabled the state to become one of India’s most industrialized regions.

Surat offers a great balance between urban convenience and traditional cultural elements, setting it up for potential growth. Additionally, as one of the future smart cities, Surat will enjoy increased efficiency, inclusivity and connectedness – making it significantly more competitive when compared to other major metropolitan areas. All in all, Surat is an ideal location for investments. So here I will talk about why Surat is best city to invest in.

Why Surat is the best city to invest in property?

Standard of living

Surat is a globally-renowned city for its high standard of living. Often referred to as the Diamond capital of the world, Surat is one of the most dynamic cities in not just India, but across the globe. The average Surti earns almost double annually compared to an average Indian. This booming city has been deemed “Best Urban City of India Award” and consistently ranks amongst India’s top cleanest cities based on examinations from Swachch Sarvekshan Surveys. Surat truly stands out!

The game changer

Surat, also known as “The Manchester of the East,” is the second biggest market place in Gujarat and one of India’s largest cities. Surat has been a major hub for diamond processing and synthetic textiles, with the Wall Street Journal estimating that 80% of diamonds worldwide are processed there. It’s an amazing city with a vibrant commercial scene.


As a major benefactor of ambitious government projects, Surat has been at the forefront of progress in India. Most recently, with the renaming of its Airport to an International standard and increased air connections, it’s clear that Surat is primed for further success in the future. With exciting new initiatives like bullet trains and DMIC (Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor), as well as a burgeoning Diamond Bourse, there’s so much to look forward to for this enviable city.

Cultural hub

Demographically diverse and economically prosperous, Surat is a place where people of varying backgrounds and beliefs live peacefully together. Thanks to its robust job market, the city enjoys an extremely low unemployment rate of only 0.18%. With such a skilled, hardworking population available, it’s no wonder that Surat is such an exciting city to be part of.

Future lies here

Surat holds incredible potential for investment, thanks to its abundant natural resources, supportive labour force and government backing. The city enjoys world-class infrastructure and thriving small-scale industries, especially the textile industry. Several notable global investors have already expressed interest in investing here, with more yet to be explored. Investing in Surat is a fairly safe venture, offering high returns on investments.

A wise choice

Surat is strategically located close to Mumbai, making it a business-friendly city with excellent infrastructure. Moreover, there are various infrastructural and economic initiatives envisaged for the near future, which will make investments made here today a fruitful venture. That said, traders and businessmen should certainly invest in Surat now for higher returns later.

Bottom line

If not yet, this is the time to invest in Surat as surat presents an investment opportunity with relatively low property prices when compared to other major cities in India. Capital values have risen commensurate with the development of the region, making Surat a desirable proposition for real estate investors. So, welcome to Surat, welcome to the ocean of opportunities.

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