His legacy, His glory

In English, there’s a saying, “A nobleman leaves a legacy behind.” This means that a good person leaves behind a legacy of their deeds, continuous efforts to do new things, and forever influencing people with their actions. Our beloved Devshibhai Bhatu was just such a person. With a constantly smiling face, his playful nature, and his ability to lead and bring everyone together, he has influenced countless individuals.

“Keep learning new things, earn abundantly, and from what you earn, continually give back to society,” was the core mantra of his life. Devshibhai was the foundation of the Pramukh Group, and his understanding of the land added a unique charm to his personality. Including everyone in his journey and helping everyone was in his nature, but when it came to taking credit, Devshibhai would stand at the back of the line.

Devshibhai was also a public figure, not just working for his or the Pramukh family but performing exemplary acts for the broader society in his short life of 56 years. Alongside societal work, he placed significant emphasis on cow service and environmental conservation.

In the family, he was closest to Mr. Ajitbhai Khodbhaya, with whom he grew up and with whom he shared a heart-to-heart bond in almost all matters, whether related to the Pramukh Group or societal life. That’s why Ajitbhai often says, “The most precious piece of my heart has gone.”

We are still unable to process his sudden departure from our lives, but what can stand against the will of nature? We only think that we will always keep the principles and good deeds of Devshibhai ahead of us. Whenever we do any work, we will think about how Devshibhai would have done this work and move forward. The loss will always be felt, but he has taught us whether, in happiness or sorrow, a human must keep doing their deeds and move forward!

The Bhatus, Khodbhayas, and the entire Pramukh family are very thankful to all relatives and well-wishers in these difficult times. Your direct and indirect sympathies have provided us with a lot of comfort and courage. Although Devshibhai is not physically with us, his inspiration will always live among us, motivating everyone through his noble deeds.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says,

यं यं वापि स्मरनभाव त्यज्यन्ते कलेवरम!
तं तमेवैति कौन्तेय सदा तद्भावभावितः!!

Meaning: Whatever feeling a person leaves the body remembering in the final time, he always gets affected by that feeling and attains it only.
Till his last breath, he worked on doing good to the people and uplift the community.

We pray to the supremely merciful God to take our dear loved one, Shri Devshibhai, into his sanctuary and grant him eternal peace.

Om Shanti


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