How To Conquer The Covid Blues By Conquering Oneself

Who would’ve guessed? I mean really, who could have guessed this is how year will turn out to be? From astrologers to economists, no one saw this coming. Ok maybe a few scientists did, but then in a world where WhatsApp forwards hold more authority than experts, are you really surprised? 

While we were busy making resolutions for 2020, 2020 had made a resolution for us. 

And boy did it cost us! 

My purpose of writing this blog is to tell you that there indeed, is light at the end of the tunnel. The only question is, are you willing to go through it? So I’m here to tell you a true story of a challenge, a miracle and self-discovery. 

When The Levee Breaks

Like everyone, I was hit hard by the COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown. We saw what happened initially, the chaos, the misinformation, and the hysteria. It affected my business too, as well as my employees. But since we have a safety net in place for them, our responsibility was to not let them feel the pinch. I cannot claim that I wasn’t affected by the whole situation. I was looking for a way out of this noise, a way to channel the buried positivity within me. But I had nowhere to turn to. Even people in my life whom I’ve known to be as solid as a mountain, were perturbed by this pandemic.

So I decided, “What you can’t find outside, you need to find it inside.” And this journey took me to my farm, just in the midst of the lush greenery of Junagadh.

The Summit Within You

I do count myself fortunate enough, unlike many in our country, to own my private farm where I took some time off to fight the epidemic of negativity that was more pervasive than the virus itself. And as fate would have it, this brought me to a sudden quest, planned by my wife to scale the Girnar peak all the way on foot. I will admit, it is something many devout followers have been doing for a long time, but for me, the task felt daunting and formidable. 

I am not someone who regularly hits the gym, most of my workout is mental. And climbing 10,000 steps of the girnar for someone who barely works-out was a tremendous challenge. I’ll not lie, I had no confidence in my capability to do it and was a bit worried as well that I asked my wife to drop the plan. Well, now I’m glad she didn’t let me.

Discover Thyself

Sometimes, it’s the thing that everyone knows, is the thing that everyone forgets.

We all say that making up your mind is the hardest, and it gets easier when you start. But there is no better way to experience the wisdom of such truisms than living them. So all it took to get rid of half my fears was to begin my 10,000 step journey of Girnar, two hours before sunrise. And once I started, there was no looking back. 

It is said that the view from Girnar changes at every 1000 steps, and I completely stand behind that statement. The city below had transformed into a dreamscape of brightly lit galaxies, dancing at our feet. By now, it had started to drizzle and soon we were in the company of clouds. What can be said about a journey where every benchmark revealed a new secret- a realm of clouds or the changing color palette of the sky as sunrise drew closer. With wet clothes, panting breath and a prickling pain in my ribs, my climb was slow, but steady.

At long last, I reached the summit. My knees and thighs seemed personally angry at me, but nothing could hold my happiness down. I was ecstatic. Surprised, yes, but happy nonetheless. The sheer magnanimity of the view and the tranquility of the place turned it into a soul-stirring experience.

Coming down from the peak, something had changed in me. It wasn’t just about the satisfaction of fulfilling the challenge, my mind was agile and active again. The climb had helped me gather my wits and look at the world from a macroscopic perspective.

The Times They Are A Changin’

The world is changing, and so is the situation. Everyday, we get one day closer to the vaccine. The recovery rate is increasing day by day, the economy is slowly getting back on track and with it, you will too.

So why did I bother to tell you this story? To make a point that self-care is important no matter who you are and what your position is. And only when you can find the courage to be in your own company and think long and hard about the current situation, can you find a way to overcome it. Yes, you heard me right. You can not just turn around your situation but also thrive. I know it doesn’t look like that at the beginning, but believe me, you’ll get there. Every step makes it a little easier, but you’ve gotta keep on going, and that’s the hard part. But it sure gets easier.

And once you reach that summit of self-discovery where the air is cold, the wind is fast and the world is just another piece of a jigsaw that your life is- you will find the missing pieces, or maybe, the missing piece will find you.

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