New Area, Newer Opportunities!

Creating a home or a commercial space is no longer a conventional real estate development task. There is a lot more than just development that goes inside it. Over the last 8 years, Pramukh Group in Surat has focused on two areas. We started with a fairly new area of Parvat Patiya and after getting success in our first project, we introduced a few more projects around it.

We graduated to one of the most sought-after areas of Vesu where we are currently developing 4 luxurious projects of 3 – 4 BHK apartments. Our thoughtful projects are well received within the various client bases, since we have firmed up our presence in two of the most promising areas of Surat, I felt the need of looking at one more area to create something unique!

All those who know Surat a little deeper will understand the complexity of moving in from one area to another. It is like moving out of your comfort zone and taking adventurous risks. For those who are unaware of the demography of Surat, here is a brief understanding.

Surat has 2 parts, old Surat where the root Surtis live and new Surat wherein the migrants from other states & cities like North Gujarat, Saurashtra, Rajasthan and of course a large population from UP & Bihar live. Areas are not clearly defined by the communities but preferences can be seen. The old city remains the bastion of Surtis hailing from Surat whereas the newly developed regions have a majorly migrated population.

Hence, after I decided to explore a new area, the research team along with a few channel partners found a few areas and their demographic proposition. At the same time, another team did extensive research in the selected areas about the kind of projects that are coming in, the population, their living standards, their taste & preferences. Most importantly cross channelling the research with people from other areas whether they would like to move in or not. If not then why?

After the research part, comes the understanding of projects, their price band and their features. Again, we take expert help from our channel partners in verifying our demographic understanding by offering them and their clientele a location with a project to know whether they would buy it or not. At this point, sales are not the goal, we just test the market, and the idea to know the preferences and feasibility of the project.

Once we decide the location, type of project, price band, tenure of development, features of project etc. We invite the architect to plan the project keeping in mind the extensive research and feasibility of the project. One of the core reasons for the positive response to our projects from channel partners and clients is that we have understood their feedback and implemented it within our first round of planning itself.

One such research is going on for a completely new area for us i.e. Greater Adajan (Gaurav Path), if you wish to know more about our way of functioning, participate in our research project. My team will be more than happy to guide you and get your feedback on our upcoming planning. Who knows you might like it so much that you end up becoming part of our extended family, the Pramukh Family!

Here is a link to the form to connect with our team:

9 Responses

  1. Pramukh group is our community’s pride
    Very much appreciated all over surat and Vapi Silvassa
    More power to pramukh group

  2. I m Real-estate agent and loan Provider.
    Pls share about ur new project Location and project details upcoming in adajan

  3. The most growing M/s Pramukh Group into real estate residencial and commercial Building services. Congratulations 🎉

  4. We would like to tell you tht you should develop some projects in Adajan pal and Katargam area also

    It will be great opportunity for you to explore new area and it’s community and their choice for buying property.

  5. Pramukh grp is full supported to all brokers & all costemers are who dealing with pramukh grp are totally satified from him They don’t give chance any person who related this business for any complain I pray for this grp they get big success & become no.1 grp in Surat. All the best for my Pramukh grp

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