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The Ultimate Breakthrough Of Real Estate

Using cash is an obsolete thing today and nearly any product or service can be ordered via push of a button. Real estate industry is about to go through a major paradigm shift. We’re driven more towards the era of digitization. You no more write cheques to your landlord and spend weeks (or months) searching for a new location for your business or a residential space. You don’t even have to worry any longer for furnishing your place. You can either buy a full-furnished place or hire professionals for renovating your home.

How does it sound if a qualified tenant reaches you (landlord) directly? Or if you are a real estate agent and you could easily save your precious time which otherwise was involved marketing your properties all over the web. Would you mind on saving the time? The answer most certainly is no. Thanks to the advancement of technology. Gen Y has always been represented by the use of technology and Gen Z is the future.

The Real Estate industry is all set for a big change. In fact, the next generation is integrating the best of both worlds: face-to-face interaction and digital tools. With a single click of a button, we have the access  to a vast amount of information which eventually helps in making better-informed decisions. Industry professionals of all ages are making this shift.

Technology has influenced us in a great way and it touches almost every aspect of our lives. The big giants in the real  sector have way back launched their mobile apps, which has made the real sector very mobile. Our networking has enabled us to see thousands of professionals using technology, for one very simple reason: to build new relations and maintain old ones. The market out is endless, the only need is to target and meet the right audience.

Gone are the days of two-page glossy brochures (which cost thousands of rupees and are usually outdated shortly after they are printed) to show your work. In the mobile world, you just have to swipe left or right to show the world what you’re made of and capable of. The shift towards tech solutions is very much visible and we can even witness the innovation flourishing.

Think about where you see your business, five years from now? If technology isn’t a critical and discriminating part of your business, then you are truly missing out on a big trend.

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Prashant Bhatu

Director - Pramukh Group

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