Why Is It Important To Live In a Green NeighborHood?

Would you even argue that a green space looks essentially more beautiful, alluring and a place worth living? Pick any random individual on this planet and ask him or her their ideal location of retirement or where they wish to live the rest of their lives with leisure and peace. Do you know what will their answer be? Yes, whatever picture you are forming in your mind right now about an ideal retirement place is similar to their answer and it’s safe to assume that it involves a lot of greenery.

There is no second guessing that we all desire to live in lush green surroundings, but why is it important to live there?

Well here is the answer-

Therapeutic Effects

Greenery has a kind of therapeutic effect on the eyes and mind of human beings, as confirmed by countless scientific studies. They cancel out the stress, anxiety and depression that comes as an after effect of the modern, fast paced style of living.

Improves Capabilities

In a research by American Institutes for Research[1] on a group of kids from sixth grade attended an outdoor school for six weeks. In that time they got a hands on education in form of various activities pertaining to the study of natural environment. At the end of the study it was seen that outdoor group of students scored higher in science and was better equipped in handling conflicts, stress and establishing a relationship than their counterparts. This tells you everything about how natural environment improves us physically, mentally and socially.

Improves Recovery

Popularly known as the Green Space Effect[2] is the result of a psychological study of 5000 UK households over a period of 17 years. It concluded that greenery directly improved their psychological health. There are abundant proofs about how greenery improves the healing process of patients and greener localities are linked to lower crime rates.

If you’ve been following closely this might’ve been clear to you how nature has nothing but positive effect on us. This is one of the primary reason that a lush green surrounding is at the helm of the design of any Pramukh project. Pramukh Group makes sure that when you come to live in your home, you not only find all the amenities, but a therapeutic and beautiful green surroundings.


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