Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2022

The pandemic has retrograded and people are now coming out of trauma. The economy is getting back on track, indeed slowly but steadily. As the big cities are recovering & functioning with lesser covid restrictions, the economic growth rate of every industry is increasing dramatically. The smaller cities, on the other side, are making an unrushed growth. So, we can expect a K-shaped recovery wherein different parts of the country grow at different levels. But if we see collectively, both of them are ultimately strengthening the economy of the country. Thus, a V-shaped recovery is also expected in the near future wherein the economy rapidly turns to the trend of absolute GDP.

As we all know, the needs & wants of people keep changing with time. Till now, every decade has had its own trend. If we talk about the current decade, it has to be about having a long-term asset, which we call our home. Nowadays, people want a home that is fully amenitized & has convenience of connectivity wherein everything they need is just 15 minutes away. They do not tend to go very far for every little need, nor do they get the time for the same. So, it becomes flexible as well as convenient for them to have access to almost everything near their home.

If we pay attention to little details, then we see that the price segment of 1.0 to 1.5 crores is increasing in real estate, if not everywhere then in tier 1 & tier 2 towns for sure. People are easily attracted to the luxury and opulence they can get in today’s modern infrastructure.

Up until now, in this decade, the trends have evolved & emerged drastically. They will upgrade even more with additional luxuries making everyone’s lifestyle trouble-free, easier and most importantly lavish

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