Fractional Ownership – Gaining Momentum in India

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional Ownership is an investment mechanism that allows people to gain partial stake in high-value commercial properties as part of a collective group. Investment funds are pooled together to create ownership opportunities for multiple parties, with the goal of generating greater returns for all involved. Large commercial properties typically have a limited appeal to retail investors, making them less attractive as an investment option.

How does Fractional Ownership Functions?

Fractional ownership allows investors to purchase a portion of high-value properties using an IT-powered platform. Investors can choose the percentage that best suits their investment goals and financial capability, as well as adhere to the predetermined minimum ticket size.

Real Estate is now viewed as an essential investment, alongside traditional options such as Gold, FDs, Government Bonds, Mutual Funds and the Stock Market. The current trends of rising property prices and complex market regulations necessitate professional-level skills for investing in large real estate holdings. Retail investors have to stay informed in order to make sound decisions regarding their investments.

The rise in commercial real estate has led to an increase in fractional ownership and leasing opportunities. With demand projected to climb even higher, the market shows great promise for potential investors looking for new business prospects. Though a newer concept but what is fascinating is the benefits of Fractional Ownership in large commercial real estate:

Top most benefit is you can buy and sell your portion / part at any point of time. Despite this, the title of the concerned property is based on the payment history.

Excellent Returns due to appreciation potential as these large commercial spaces are Grade A property investment

Simplest way to buy your desired chunk ina large scale property.

Fractional Ownership Management Companies (FOMC) makes it easy for you to collect rental and tenant management activities.

Any retail investor can easily get in and get out of the fractional ownership of a property by diverting funds from other means of investment.

NRI finds it interesting as such properties are professional managed and quite good rent-generating assets.

In my view, it’s an innovative concept and it will be a sure shot opportunity for retail investor, big ticket properties will easily fall within the reach of them. However on a caution note one must exercise through background check of facilitator before making an investment.

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