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Healthcare is the sustenance or improvement of health via examination, treatment, medication and prevention of diseases, ailments, injury and any other impairments. The healthcare industry will continue to experience extraordinary change spurred by technological advancement. Technology has emphasized on quality healthcare solutions and this, in turn, has seen a growth of large health systems.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a stormy global evolution. Innovation and digital transformation offer solutions that are at par. Gone are the days when one had to move rounds to get a report in the path-lab or get an Xray done. Now, the shift has been seen towards a single roof catering all the solutions. This includes laboratories, wellness centres, medical consultants/specialists, clinical spaces, diagnostic centres, pharmacy, blood banks, etc. This single roof is known as a healthcare hub.

A number of factors have contributed to a shift. Focus is on innovation that will bring smarter solutions bypassing the time consuming and traditional methods. Another visible change is patient-centric, the patient is at the centre. Further, the digital transformation would be the key accelerator. The demand is great, however, Healthcare Hubs are in scarcity. A number of reasons contribute to the demand. One might not want to go to a hospital for various reasons and would instead like to get consulted through healthcare hub.

Healthcare Hub basically provides quality services from reputed independent doctors under one roof and still it is not a hospital. Doctors wish to practice independently yet they would like to offer cohesive services within the same premises for the ease of patients. Such services vary from pathology to radiology, etc.

Looking at the scenario of real estate development in Surat, commercial properties have always neglected the needs of medical providers. Pramukh group is leaping forward towards the development of well-researched projects with an in-depth knowledge of market demand and designing specialised buildings according to the industry requirements.

Hence, we did an extensive analysis of demands of professionals who would want to expand, relocate, upgrade or come up with a new startup in the city. Orbit 2 by Pramukh Group is the solution for such dedicated and determined healthcare professionals. The iconic place is soon coming up in the most strategic area of Surat. Call – 9687046007 for more details about the project.

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  1. Wel done.
    Pramukh Group.
    Realy Pramukh Group is time to time impruvment & devlop new tecnolodges..
    We are work this group Proude of you.
    Thanks.. Best of Luck.

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