How To Buy A Home In Your Late-Twenties

The Millennial generation is an educated, tech-savvy bunch that typically knows what they want. We have been finding that many twenties in this group have decided that what they want is to buy their first home. As this generation is tech-savvy, thinking that swiping right will make them buy a house isn’t practical at all. Though it probably will help them locate the Pokemon that’s hiding behind them right now.

Indeed, there are several points, which are to be kept in mind while buying a home:

Buy a home that you know you can afford:

This is probably the biggest key to a 20-something homeowner. When you have a low salary, large student loan payments and other variables in your budget, it’s important to buy a home you can comfortably afford.

With the help of Pramukh group, one can buy affordable spaces with modern lifestyle luxuries. Like, Pramukh Oracle that is within one’s means.

The upside of buying than renting:

There are several advantages of buying than renting a place like you can customize your space, get increased value, not worry about a mortgage payment, and be allowed certain tax benefits.  

Get a roomie:

Living with your friends is great in your early 20s. You’ll get companionship, someone else to share your household chores with, and more importantly, some extra cash-flow in your pocket.

Find your companion and get spacious flats at Pramukh Greens that has no annual maintenance till 2020. Strategically located in the prime area of Vapi, it offers a convenient and comfortable life with everything nearby.

Buy your first home with the Pramukh group and have the experience of a lifetime.

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