Nurturing a sustainable future: Our commitment to the environment

The human quality of life suffers as nature deteriorates. The planet’s ecosystems and habitats have suffered a catastrophic collapse over the past 50 years. According to a news-grabbing 2018 report by WWF, at least 32,300 hectares (80,000 acres) of forest vanish every day, and the size of wildlife populations has decreased by an average of 60%.
To establish how environmental loss is influencing human well-being, researchers with the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) reviewed more than 2,000 publications. What will nature look like in 2050 if we keep doing things the same way we’ve been doing them? On this current trajectory, the majority of the world’s energy—roughly 76%—will come from the combustion of fossil fuels. This will raise the average temperature of the Earth by around 5.8 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in more extreme weather, droughts, fires, and other destructive trends. On land, we lose 257 million hectares of native forests and grasslands. Freshwater systems are also suffering as droughts and water usage, particularly for agriculture, rise.

Overall, the future intended by this business-as-usual paradigm in 2050 is one of scarcity, with neither nature nor people flourishing.

In today’s times, keeping all the aspects of sustainability in mind, Vivanta by Pramukh Group has been certificated with IGBC due to its commitment to sustainable environment-friendly practices.

Real estate companies have a significant impact on the environment due to the construction and operation of buildings. We, at Vivanta, have taken proactive measures to minimise our ecological print.

In an era where sustainable practices are gradually being considered seriously, we, Vivanta by Pramukh Group have emerged as a trailblazer in the real estate industry. We are delighted to contribute towards the environment, making an impact on the planet we call Home. We firmly believe that sustainable building practices are the foundation of environmental conservation.

We incorporate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems and innovative design concepts in all our projects. By integrating green building practices, we reduce our ecological print and create spaces that are both aesthetically appealing and environmentally responsible. Energy conservation is something through which we try to minimize energy consumption by implementing cutting-edge technologies, including LED lighting, and renewable energy solutions such as solar panels.

Nature is at the heart of our designs, so by preserving biodiversity and creating a harmonious coexistence with nature, we contribute to the overall ecological balance. By fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among our residents, employees and stakeholders, we aim to create a bond that extends our properties and into the wider community.

As a result of our commitment to sustainability, we actively seek certifications and industry recognition for our projects. Certifications such as IGBC ratings validates our adherence to rigorous environmental standards. These certifications not only showcase our achievements but also inspire us to continually raise the bar in sustainable development.

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