Your Office’s ORBIT Around Prosperity!

Just like Earth’s orbit around the source of light and power – Sun. The lavish workspaces and the strategic location of Orbit-1 revolve around prosperity and success. Standing tall, at the prolific six crossroads junction, this iconic building will gasp your business associates in awe. A grandeur of style and class, The Orbit-1 promises to live up to your expectation of an ideal workspace. It’s uniquely designed retail space gives you ample of road frontage and an exquisite triple height foyer.

Center of Attention

This tall beauty, located amidst the flourishing commercial area of Surat; is well connected with the major parts of the city via BRTS canal road and Surat – Kadodara road. It’s vicinity will surely be a boon not only for your business but also to the employees commuting through public transport.

Your showroom offices will brag the attention of the onlookers with it’s road frontage and it’s 12’ floor height with virtually column-free space results in open flexible floor plans.

An Epitome of Creativity

Aesthetically designed keeping in mind the futuristic elevation, Orbit-1 is a classic blend of style and luxury. It’s unique design with maximum frontispiece and an exquisite triple height foyer commands an undue attention. The ergonomic use of GRC (Glass fibre-reinforced concrete) for it’s exterior facade system acts as sun breakers.

For The Selected Few

Orbit-1 understands your importance and what makes you stand apart, and therefore offers a special privilege that you deserve. Out of three elevators, one is dedicated for the exclusive use for the owners and directors.

In case you urge to stand out, choose an office within Orbit-1, that’ll give you a preferential access to the terrace.

Ample Space

Orbit 1 provides copious space for all kind of commercial requirements. The ground floors are ideal for showrooms & retail stores. Whereas the upper floors are a perfect fit for any business that requires an offices space to manage their core activities all under one roof.

Well curated parking spaces for visitors and upto level two dedicated parking space for the office is facilitated.

The open-air cafeteria will serve as perfect break spot and for a personal tet-a-tet.

An Investment with High Returns

Surat is the hub of textile and diamond business in India making it an embodiment of prosperity and great fortune. Orbit 1 located strategically and surrounded by the flourishing textile and diamond industry, promises great future returns. For all those who are on a lookout for a luxurious and stylish business space or maybe just planning an investment, look no further as your search ends here – Orbit 1 a niche development by Pramukh Group.

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