5 Reasons Why 1 BHK Is The New Millennial Mansion

Times, oh how they’ve changed. From eating habits to lifestyle, everything is in a kind of metamorphosis and those responsible for this change are the Millennials. And when it comes to their real estate buying choices, here too, they are breaking old norms.Millennials have forced the market to come up with new ideas, products that suit their choices. A surge in the demand of 1 BHK and studio apartments is a proof of that.

But why do they love these apartments? Well here are the reasons for this choice-

1- Location, Location, Location!

Gone are the days of buying a villa in the outskirts of the city, from where even a decent restaurant was at an hour’s drive. The millennials have cracked the code, or you can say adopted the manhattan model of living. They prefer a space that is strategically located near to work, social and cultural places of interest.

2- Duh! Its Economical

Although saving money is one of the most obvious reason one might think for buying a 1BHK, an economical home is not exactly the primary motivation of millennials. Their motivation is value for money which the location makes up for. Despite the popular belief, millennials are turning out to be really smart spenders.

3- Save On Space Not Style

Yes, 1BHK homes are cozy but that doesn’t mean they are not smart. Millennials are going out on a limb to buy homes that are extremely stylish and utilize the space in the best manner. That Minimal design, contemporary architecture and future proof built is the new trend.

4- Easy To Maintain

It’s a no brainer that a small house makes it easier to maintain without hiring any domestic help. Having a large home is of no use to a small family if they cannot maintain it properly. This kind of smart thinking is what makes 1 BHK a popular choice.

5- Perfect Space For Small Family

Millennials born in late 80s and early 90s are getting married now and starting nuclear families. Since they are budget and future conscious, they plan a small family and look for a cozy space. Something that makes them feel warm, comfortable and content.

In the present and in the foreseeable future, the biggest decision makers of this millennium would be the millennial generation. Therefore we’re going to see a significant rise in properties like Pramukh Sneh, located in Silvassa. These 1 BHK homes are stylishly designed, smartly built and strategically located to attract the future decision makers of this country.


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Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Your Office’s ORBIT Around Prosperity!

Just like Earth’s orbit around the source of light and power – Sun. The lavish workspaces and the strategic location of Orbit-1 revolve around prosperity and success. Standing tall, at the prolific six crossroads junction, this iconic building will gasp your business associates in awe. A grandeur of style and class, The Orbit-1 promises to live up to your expectation of an ideal workspace. It’s uniquely designed retail space gives you ample of road frontage and an exquisite triple height foyer.

Center of Attention

This tall beauty, located amidst the flourishing commercial area of Surat; is well connected with the major parts of the city via BRTS canal road and Surat – Kadodara road. It’s vicinity will surely be a boon not only for your business but also to the employees commuting through public transport.

Your showroom offices will brag the attention of the onlookers with it’s road frontage and it’s 12’ floor height with virtually column-free space results in open flexible floor plans.

An Epitome of Creativity

Aesthetically designed keeping in mind the futuristic elevation, Orbit-1 is a classic blend of style and luxury. It’s unique design with maximum frontispiece and an exquisite triple height foyer commands an undue attention. The ergonomic use of GRC (Glass fibre-reinforced concrete) for it’s exterior facade system acts as sun breakers.

For The Selected Few

Orbit-1 understands your importance and what makes you stand apart, and therefore offers a special privilege that you deserve. Out of three elevators, one is dedicated for the exclusive use for the owners and directors.

In case you urge to stand out, choose an office within Orbit-1, that’ll give you a preferential access to the terrace.

Ample Space

Orbit 1 provides copious space for all kind of commercial requirements. The ground floors are ideal for showrooms & retail stores. Whereas the upper floors are a perfect fit for any business that requires an offices space to manage their core activities all under one roof.

Well curated parking spaces for visitors and upto level two dedicated parking space for the office is facilitated.

The open-air cafeteria will serve as perfect break spot and for a personal tet-a-tet.

An Investment with High Returns

Surat is the hub of textile and diamond business in India making it an embodiment of prosperity and great fortune. Orbit 1 located strategically and surrounded by the flourishing textile and diamond industry, promises great future returns. For all those who are on a lookout for a luxurious and stylish business space or maybe just planning an investment, look no further as your search ends here – Orbit 1 a niche development by Pramukh Group.

To know more, visit: https://goo.gl/1PMU7U

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Why Is It Important To Live In a Green NeighborHood?

Would you even argue that a green space looks essentially more beautiful, alluring and a place worth living? Pick any random individual on this planet and ask him or her their ideal location of retirement or where they wish to live the rest of their lives with leisure and peace. Do you know what will their answer be? Yes, whatever picture you are forming in your mind right now about an ideal retirement place is similar to their answer and it’s safe to assume that it involves a lot of greenery.

There is no second guessing that we all desire to live in lush green surroundings, but why is it important to live there?

Well here is the answer-

Therapeutic Effects

Greenery has a kind of therapeutic effect on the eyes and mind of human beings, as confirmed by countless scientific studies. They cancel out the stress, anxiety and depression that comes as an after effect of the modern, fast paced style of living.

Improves Capabilities

In a research by American Institutes for Research[1] on a group of kids from sixth grade attended an outdoor school for six weeks. In that time they got a hands on education in form of various activities pertaining to the study of natural environment. At the end of the study it was seen that outdoor group of students scored higher in science and was better equipped in handling conflicts, stress and establishing a relationship than their counterparts. This tells you everything about how natural environment improves us physically, mentally and socially.

Improves Recovery

Popularly known as the Green Space Effect[2] is the result of a psychological study of 5000 UK households over a period of 17 years. It concluded that greenery directly improved their psychological health. There are abundant proofs about how greenery improves the healing process of patients and greener localities are linked to lower crime rates.

If you’ve been following closely this might’ve been clear to you how nature has nothing but positive effect on us. This is one of the primary reason that a lush green surrounding is at the helm of the design of any Pramukh project. Pramukh Group makes sure that when you come to live in your home, you not only find all the amenities, but a therapeutic and beautiful green surroundings.


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Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Where Luxury meets Affordability

Affordable Luxury: A growing segment of Indian Real Estate! Not only in the real estate sector, but also in other fields, affordable luxury has always received a buyer’s attention. A larger portion of the luxury housing segment in India is targeted at the Elite Individuals. The extremely high prices of the lush properties, makes it impossible for the middle income group to even think of buying the same.

There is another factor in affordable luxury projects which does not not compete with the projects aimed at ultra-high end buyers. These real estate developments with affordable luxuries are more on the side to meet the dreams and aspirations of middle-income buyers who want to upgrade their lifestyle.

Such buyers are less concerned with the brand name and more concerned about shifting their families into bigger, safer, more beautiful yet comfortable and convenient homes. For these buyers, luxury is not a standard – it’s a dream with an experience.

Pramukh Group brings a whole new perspective, with its luxury of nature and modern living combined in a perfect blend. Hence, no matter which property of Pramukh Group you own, you will always feel the aura of a qualitative luxury bestowed with world class amenities. Hence, PRAMUKH GROUP caters LUXURY AT REASONABLE PRICES. They thrive to provide you with world-class amenities for your residential and commercial spaces.

Luxury should be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury. Explore the fruit of luxury with a pinch of affordability at Pramukh Group: www.pramukh.co.in

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

5 Tips to Make Your Home Perfectly Equipped to Tackle Monsoon

Monsoon is around and finally we have taken refuge under its downpour to relieve us from the scorching heat of summer. Not to mention the climate change, which has not been helpful at all. So finally we get to take in; that rustic earthen petrichor, or the scent after it rains. What a joyful experience! But, like every season, it comes with its own set of challenges. You struggle to keep your house and everything in it fresh.

There are a few simple things that you can do to enjoy this season without worrying about smelly indoors.

  1. Let the air flow

    The moist air in monsoon can be a real problem, if your house is not properly designed or ventilated. In such a case, you should invest in a dehumidifier and make it a point to open all the windows on sunny days.

    The Pramukh Group takes great care during the design and planning process to construct weatherproof homes. They are designed for natural light and ventilation.

  2. Use light and synthetic blend fabric

    Light fabrics or fabrics with synthetic blend do not absorb moisture easily and remain fresh. In fact, put camphor balls up in clothes to prevent them from absorbing moisture. If you have a carpet; roll it up, cover it with polythene and put camphor balls inside. It is also advisable to put light-coloured linen in your home for a fresh look and lively mood.

  3. Care for your plants and garden

    Monsoon is the ideal breeding season for different insects. Keep your plants under perforated sheets, trim them, spray pesticides regularly and remove stagnant water from your garden pots.

    In Pramukh Group’s residential properties you’ll notice well-maintained gardens, coupled with an ideal drainage system for a clean and hygienic environment.

  4. Cover expensive silverware

    If you love your silverware, you should cover them properly with cotton and keep them in airtight containers, put silica gel bags (desiccant material) if it’s not an airtight container. Moisture and air wreaks havoc on your silverware by slow oxidation.

  5. Clean your house daily

    This is a no brainer. Of course, you don’t need monsoon to clean your house, but during monsoon you must ensure that it is done daily, to remove any trace of excess moisture on your furniture. Use anti-bacterial liquid for cleaning floors, tiles and sinks.

    A lot of problems during monsoons arise due to questionable construction quality and lack of thorough inspection. This leads to trapping of moisture in the walls, which later wreaks havoc in your home. Instead of taking a series of precautions later, you can easily remedy this problem by living in a Pramukh Group Home. Excellence in the complete construction process, right from the design layout to the final quality check makes them robust and weatherproof. Enjoy the rain like it’s meant to be enjoyed in Pramukh.

    Happy Monsoon!!


Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

How to buy a home in your late-twenties

The Millennial generation is an educated, tech-savvy bunch that typically knows what they want. We have been finding that many twenties in this group have decided that what they want is to buy their first home. As this generation is tech-savvy, thinking that swiping right will make them buy a house isn’t practical at all. Though it probably will help them locate the Pokemon that’s hiding behind them right now.

Indeed, there are several points, which are to be kept in mind while buying a home:

Buy a home that you know you can afford:

This is probably the biggest key to a 20-something homeowner. When you have a low salary, large student loan payments and other variables in your budget, it’s important to buy a home you can comfortably afford.

With the help of Pramukh group, one can buy affordable spaces with modern lifestyle luxuries. Like, Pramukh Oracle that is within one’s means.

The upside of buying than renting:

There are several advantages of buying than renting a place like you can customize your space, get increased value, not worry about a mortgage payment, and be allowed certain tax benefits.  

Get a roomie:

Living with your friends is great in your early 20s. You’ll get companionship, someone else to share your household chores with, and more importantly, some extra cash-flow in your pocket.

Find your companion and get spacious flats at Pramukh Greens that has no annual maintenance till 2020. Strategically located in the prime area of Vapi, it offers a convenient and comfortable life with everything nearby.

Buy your first home with the Pramukh group and have the experience of a lifetime.

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Green is the new color of Luxury and Affordability!

When the Minister Of Finance, Mr. Arun Jaitley announced the Budget 2017, he made many breakthrough announcements, specially so for the real estate sector. The major points that he covered are as follows:

  • He proposed that Affordable Housing be given Infrastructure status to smooth the way for higher investments, a major step up in achieving housing for all by 2020

  • Easy and dedicated access to institutional financing, higher limit on external commercial borrowings will attract more investments and assure sustained growth of affordable housing in India, making it the core driving segment for real estate

  • The National Housing Bank will refinance individual housing loans of about Rs 20,000 crore in 2017-18

  • At present, the houses which are unoccupied after getting completion certificates are subjected to tax on national rental income. For builders for whom constructed buildings are stock-in-trade, this rule will only apply after one year of the end of the year in which the completion certificate is received so that they get some breathing time for liquidating their inventory

  • In the last budget, houses of up to 30 sq. m. and 60 sq. m. in built-up area, in the top four cities and the other cities, respectively, were allowed 100% tax deduction on profits. This was changed to the carpet-area basis, bringing more projects under its ambit

  • To promote affordable homes, the government also proposed to amend the Section 80-IBA, relaxing the condition of period of completion of the project for claiming deduction from the current 3 years to 5 years

In line with the government’s impactful revisions, Pramukh Group is offering housing loans at 3.99% interest rate only on Pramukh Greens. The project site is in Challa, Daman-Vapi Road with the amenities of a luxurious residential plan. It offers amphitheatre, jogging track, kids’ play area, gymnasium, swimming pool, gazebo and many more in the 2-3-4 BHK scheme. Greens is indeed the color of luxury and affordability.

To know more, visit: https://goo.gl/sJAgsA

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Here is why 2017 will see an increased real estate investment

2016 saw India’s growing reputation as an attractive investment destination. The global capital flow into Indian real estate in 2016 stood at $5.7 billion. According to an Economic Times article, India is attractive to both global and Indian investors, owing to increased consolidation and transparency and the launch of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that will further gear up the real estate scenario in 2017.

Co-working spaces have disrupted the commercial real estate space, even though they are still at a nascent stage. The concept seems to be working in major business hubs like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore though. Co-working spaces are, as the name suggests, shared by professionals or more recently by entrepreneurs for work. They have all the basic resources like desks, cabins, meeting rooms, internet, cafe services to kick-start their business, giving them the advantage of saving rental/ownership costs of having their own office. Hence, they are more affordable.

Consequently more commercial spaces are being taken on a lease. Major companies in information technology, e-commerce and BFSI sectors that used to buy their own offices, have now shifted to leasing offices and this seems to be an industry-wide trend. Even to expand, they might go on to look for places to be taken on lease, rather than to own. But in a way, this has spurred the investment in real estate.

According to a CARE Ratings report, as REIT finally enters its implementation phase, the Indian commercial real estate market is expected to see a healthy investment influx. Top business centers have seen rapid expansion by major realty and private equity funds. The aforementioned sectors have been major growth demand drivers for commercial real estate segment. Under pressure due to macro and micro factors, commercial space owners would find it difficult to keep their properties occupied, especially since there is higher supply addition in the commercial space, while the takers are few. Except for the immediate absorption rate due to leasing, absorption rate would be slow until the above mentioned sectors loosen their hands. These sectors usually contribute to high demands and growth of commercial spaces. Nevertheless, co-working spaces are trying to make up for the loss, the report said.

The size of affordable housing market across India is also set to increase as the qualifying criteria for affordable housing were also revised to 30 sq. m. and 60 sq. m. on carpet rather than saleable area in the four main metros and non-metros respectively.

Pramukh Group is also offering Home loans at 3.99% for Pramukh Greens in Vapi in a limited period offer. The time is ripe to make investment in the future of affordable housing. Not only that, Pramukh also has ongoing commercial projects, Orbit 1 & Orbit 2 in Surat, which will change the skyline of Surat with premium retail market and healthcare spaces.

Get in touch with Pramukh Group, to know more: www.pramukh.co.in/contact.html

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

The keys to modern healthcare infrastructure are here!

Every human has the right to healthcare. There is no less noble cause than to support and care for human health. To promote high-quality healthcare requires a well-equipped and supportive health system infrastructure. Our country is lacking such access to quality healthcare, due to the lack of medical facilities. In order to remove this weakness in the healthcare industry, Orbit 2, an excellent healthcare hub has risen high on the very soil of South Gujarat in Surat.

With the prime focus on the enhancement of public health, Orbit 2, a space designed exclusively for medical practitioners comprises of latest and advanced technologies that make care accessible with laboratories, medical consultants, wellness centers, clinical spaces, diagnostic centers, pharmacy, blood banks and what not. To improve accessibility and the quality of care, Pramukh has designed Orbit -2 as a patient-centric healthcare hub.

Putting the patients at the center, the ultimate goal is to serve them. Orbit 2 will put an end to the hunt for one medical need to another, as it will provide everything under one roof. Where some physicians or hospitals consider treatment as a business, they ask the patient to undergo expensive tests, referrals and hospitalizations, high consultation fees, costly medicines and so on. But the patient-centric facility at Orbit 2 will erase this system, focusing only on patient satisfaction.

Technological innovation in healthcare is another need of the hour. With the implementation of technology, the healthcare industry can be revolutionized beyond imagination. With electronic health records, web-based services and much more, technology is implanted in every corner of Orbit 2 to give the patient a comfortable experience.

Thus, blending technology and creating a patient-centric environment, Orbit 2 by Pramukh Group, promises to bring about a change in the healthcare industry with its surpassed services.

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group

Pramukh Group’s View on the Union Budget 2017-18

The Union Budget clearly comes out to be pro-growth and a budget towards a better India. Pramukh Group welcomes it with an open heart and mind!

The announcement that the ‘Affordable Housing’ will be given ‘Infrastructure’ status shall give the much needed thrust to the Real Estate Sector. This is sure to act as a catalyst to meet the objectives of Housing to all by 2022. Other important and noteworthy points from the budget are:

  • The National Housing Bank will refinance individual loans worth Rs 20,000 crore in 2017-18

  • 1 crore rural houses will be created by 2019

  • Real estate developers to get tax relief on unsold stock, as liability to pay capital gains will arise only in the year a project is completed

  • Instead of Built up area of 30 and 60 sq meters, the carpet area of 30 and 60 sq meters will be applicable for affordable housing 

  • Holding period for capital gains tax for immovable property reduced from 3 years to 2 years

  • Tax break of 1 year post receipt of the completion certificate, for the unsold stock

These surely look like forward looking steps. Not only for the Real Estate Sector, but also for Healthcare, the Budget is a boon. The system of social security will be strengthened with steps like:

  • Setting up of two new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences in Jharkhand and Gujarat

  • 1.5 lac Health Sub Centres to be transformed into Health and Wellness Centres

  • Creation of additional 5000 post-graduate specialist doctors per annum

All in all, it is a welcome move by the Government. It will help revive both, healthcare and real estate sectors.

Prashant Bhatu
Director – Business Development
Pramukh Group